Currently we have four projects: Songs for VONK, GROUND, Miniature Opera, and Wunderkammer

Songs for VONK
In Songs for Vonk new songs are written containing influences from contemporary written music as well as avant garde pop; cross genre, driven by a curiosity for unexpected mixed languages. Compositions by Nicoline Soeter, Molly Joyce and Brechtje.

GROUND Music theatre piece together with guitarist Pete Harden. Soon more…

Miniature Opera
In October 2016, Ensemble VONK launched a call for scores for composers from all over the world to participate. A call to write a miniature opera with a duration of 2 minutes on the theme: Social change. VONK gave the reference point on social change by quoting sociologists Merill and Eldredge: “Social change means that large numbers of persons are engaging in activities that differ from those which they or their immediate forefathers engaged in some time before.” The selected compositions are written by: Nicholas Cline (USA), Mateo Soto (ES), Anne-Maartje Lemereis (NL), Marc Alberto (NL) en Dario Palermo (IT). Watch the best compositions at media. At November Music you can visite the live performances with theatre director Robin Coops, performed on the 12th of November 2017.

Music theatre about wonder and curiosity. An ode to the deviant, written by Nicoline Soeter. Five musicians in beautiful wooden display cabinets: a living sound installation that can also be an inner world, museum, workplace or public space. Inspired by Frederik Ruysch, professor of anatomy, zoologist and botanist in Amsterdam. The 17th century curiosity cabinets weren’t simply collections, but also laboratory and places of meeting. The ordering became a way to obtain grip on the world. The character in Wunderkammer creates her own cabinet. She collects ideas. Credits: Nicoline Soeter composition and text Nina Willems actrice Rianne Wilbers soprano Tom Sanderman saxophones Erwin Muller clarinets Reggy van Bakel percussion Mei-Yi Lee percussion Marc van Vliet scenografy Robin Coops directing advice..

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